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Andy Coules

Articles I've Written

Finding The Sweet Spot: Making The Best Of Mixing Console Placement issues (10/04/23)

Making The Translation: A Process For Developing The Universal Show File (06/12/21)

Capturing Live Events: A Host Of Live Recording Tips, Techniques & Approaches (23/07/21)

Wave Theory - Using Sound Waves as a Metaphor (14/09/20)

Right at the Source - Microphone Types and Approaches (20/08/20)

Lockdown Lessons - A Guide for Sound Engineers (29/04/20)

Capture & Optimize - Working with Guitars on the Live Stage (16/04/20)

Orchestrated Madness - 40 Years of Madness at Kenwood House (25/10/19)

Knights of Sound: A Guide to Freelancing (05/06/19)

The Twelve Commandments of Live Sound (07/01/19)

Before & Between - The Importance of Walk-in Music (07/09/18)

IEMs vs Wedges (13/08/18)

Brexit report: What could it mean for touring? (08/08/18)

On The Level: Audio Metering Then & Now (31/05/18)

Conquering The Beast - One Engineer's Battle Against Feedback (29/03/18)

Up In The Air - Outdoor Acoustics (02/01/18)

The State of the Art in Live Consoles (21/11/17)

Unique Signatures - Indoor Acoustics (05/10/17)

Mixing Console Evolution (05/07/17)

How might Brexit affect the touring industry? (13/03/17)

From the Studio to the Live Stage (08/03/17)

Your Ears - A User's Guide (17/01/17)

The Ancient Art of Analogue Mixing (03/11/16)

When is it OK to lie to your boss? (31/08/16)

A Musician's Guide to Getting the Most from your Sound Engineer (01/08/16)

Two Types of Mixing (13/06/16)

Situational Awareness for Mix Engineers (Part 2) (06/06/16)

Situational Awareness for Mix Engineers (Part 1) (04/04/16)

It's All About The Bass (05/02/16)

100 Years & Counting - The First 100 Years of Live Sound (08/12/15)

Audio Visualisation - Thinking about the mix in a visual way (31/08/15)

The Benefits of Working in Small Venues (28/07/15)

Digital Evolution - The History and Utilisation of Digital Consoles (09/07/15)

Why Awards Shows are Fundamentally Flawed (15/05/15)

How NOT to record a Live Album (04/05/15)

A Lesson in Live Microphones (28/04/15)

It's Just A Phase (02/03/15)

The Desk Is In The Wrong Place - Monitor Edition (09/02/15)

Modern Pioneers: The History Of PA - Part 2 (15/01/15)

Are There Too Many Bands? (23/11/14)

The History of PA - Part 1 (09/12/14)

The Desk is in the Wrong Place (15/07/14)

Engineers of Sound (17/04/14)

The Digital Revolution (27/02/14)

How Loud is Loud Enough? (07/01/14)

Touring Engineer versus House Engineer (04/12/13)

Tour Management for Sound Engineers (04/11/13)

Your Ears - A User Manual (02/10/13)

Equipment Reviews

Stealth Sonics C9 IEMs (07/10/19)

RTW TM3-Primus Audio Meter (19/06/18)

L-Acoustics Syva Colinear Sound System (12/12/17)

Audix Performance Series Wireless System (23/05/17)

Shure KSM8 Microphone (24/11/16)

KLANG: quelle DANTE DAC and Headphone Amp (27/10/16)

Zoom H4n Pro Handheld Digital Recorder (18/10/16)

Turbosound iP1000 Column Loundspeaker (21/06/16)

L-Acoustics X Series Loudspeakers (09/03/16)

KLANG: fabrik 3D In Ear Monitoring (24/02/16)

AVID VENUE S6L Digital Console (28/12/15)

AKG D112 MKII Kick Drum Microphone (07/12/15)

SSL Live L300 (18/05/15)

Zoom H5 Handheld Digital Recorder (01/04/15)

Allen & Heath Qu-32 Digital Console (23/11/14)

Soundcraft Vi3000 Digital Console (23/05/14)

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